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4 benefits of social media for your business

By Belinda White | Mar 10, 2017
Website Consultants Newcastle

Guest Blog – The jury has spoken. Social media for businesses is no longer optional. The on-going and increasing demand of customers online have confirmed that it’s not a passing fad or trend, but one that’s here to stay. Permanently. Here are four key points on how it can benefit your business.

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How to leverage your brand and build a successful following

By Belinda White | Feb 17, 2017
web design Newcastle

It’s becoming ever more challenging and complex to promote your business and stand out in a digital-centric world, often requiring more time and multiple channels to reach your desired audience. So when it comes to standing out online, brand is your most powerful weapon.

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How to create an effective PR plan in 6 easy steps

By Belinda White | Feb 3, 2017
PR for Biotech and Software Businesses

Guest Blog – Kathryn Dishman-Baird. So how can you create an effective PR plan? Whilst it may seem like a daunting prospect, it’s surprising how easily this information will flow once you start the planning process. Here are six steps to follow to ensure you create the best plan for you.

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How a Website Consultant can save you time and money

By Belinda White | Jan 30, 2017
Website Consultant Newcastle

[Free Check List Download] Looking for an experienced Website Consultant? Having a professional website continues to be a critical element for all business. There will be times when you need to take your website up a notch, align it better with your goals, add extra functionality and features or increasingly a full website redesign. A Website Consultant’s goal is to solve these website problems with your business’s success in mind.

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3 essential website elements that will increase traffic

By Belinda White | Jan 12, 2017
Web Design Newcastle

Everyone wants more traffic to their website, but is more traffic always a good thing?
More traffic means more visibility for your business and more ‘eyes’ on your products and services. However, it has to be the right traffic. Lots of traffic that never converts is a waste of time and resources. Driving more traffic and getting the right conversions is down to the right content, elements and the technology you use.

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3 digital conferences in 4 weeks: My exclusive insight

By Belinda White | Dec 21, 2016
Web Design Newcastle

I’m sure I’m not the only one that disappears into the parallel universe that is their desk. In my design studio I have four screens, so once I’m in front of them, that’s my world. Having the chance to take a screen break is always a high priority.

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Why your website is the most important member of your sales team

By Belinda White | Dec 4, 2016
Web Design Newcastle

Your website is arguably your most valuable business asset and when designed and created with the right focus, it can become your most powerful sales driver.
Think about it. What value would you put on a member of your sales team who worked to promote your business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every day of the year, never takes a holiday or sick day and created the most leads. Surely that would be a massive asset?

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8 Important Things To Do When Updating Your WordPress Website

By Belinda White | Nov 25, 2016

[Free Check List Included] I’m not referring to content, I’m referring to technology. All technology gets updated; your smart phone, your laptop, even your SatNav. and the web is no exception. The internet is ever evolving, with new software, security updates, browser updates, operating system updates, PHP updates, Javascript updates, W3C and industry standards which are constantly improving. Your website needs to keep pace with these changes.

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Why you need effective website SEO from day one

By Belinda White | Nov 16, 2016
search engine optimisation at the start of your website project

Does your website feel a bit like a needle in a haystack? It’s in there somewhere, but really hard to find! This is why you need effective website SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) from day one. At the very start of your website creation. Before you start to rebuild your website.

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Your quick start guide to effective website SEO

By Belinda White | Oct 25, 2016
Search Marketing Newcastle

71% of B2B searchers start their research with a generic search. (Source: Google). Website SEO. If you’re not familiar with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and search marketing then my quick start guide is aimed at giving you the fundamentals of SEO for your website. Including the current SEO techniques (at time of writing) and my insight, having optimised many websites, in many sectors over the past few years.

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How to create a blog that people and Google will love in 4 clear steps

By Belinda White | Oct 13, 2016
how to keep your online store fresh and inviting

Companies that blog have 97% more inbound links. You need to drive traffic to your business website and showcase your expertise. One of the most powerful ways to do this is to regularly create new content via your blog. Your blog is a key element in your Content Marketing strategy. You need to make sure that both your audience and Google can find your blog posts.

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3 simple ways to build a powerful keyword strategy

By Belinda White | Oct 3, 2016
how to get to the top of search

You want to climb to the top, the top of the search rankings. Why, because you know being high on search means potentially more clicks and more eyes on your products and services. Providing you with more chances to promote and drive business via your website.

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Why you need to give your words a voice

By Belinda White | Sep 22, 2016
voice overs for websites

[Guest blog and associate] Why might your business need a voice over artist? Giving your words a voice with Jo Whitfield our go-to Voice Over Artist. Read her journey to Voice Over expertise, the wonders of the voice over world and the sort of things a Voice Over can bring to your business.

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Why you need to make your website content awesome

By Belinda White | Sep 15, 2016
crafting website content

[Free Check List- 10 Point Content Strategy Check List] Start with your customer, is your content really talking to them? Is your website giving your visitors the messages and information that they really need? Are you getting straight to the point and providing value?

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Just launched your new website? Here’s what you need to do now

By Belinda White | Sep 6, 2016
web design Newcastle

[Free Check List Download – 10 Point Content Strategy Check List]. This is just the beginning. Your new website is the perfect foundation on which to build your digital marketing strategy. You need it to be your hardest working employee, available to your customers every day and every hour, informing them, helping them and adding value.

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Googles Algorithm Updates. What Do They Mean To Your Business?

By Belinda White | Aug 16, 2016
what are google updates

At Arttia Creative our clients ask us how the impact of regular changes in search affects their rankings. What they should be considering when developing their website strategy and their content to best promote their products and services online. So here’s my take how Googles algorithm updates can impact on your businesses and how you promote yourselves on line.

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How to create fast loading, beautiful images for an awesome blog (and website)

By Belinda White | Aug 2, 2016
web design photography

A fast loading web page or blog post is one of the critical elements to your users experience and your SEO performance. Your visitors care as much about how fast it loads as how useful it is. Follow my insight and create fast loading images for your blog and your Website.

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How to redevelop your next website without tears

By Belinda White | Jul 23, 2016
Web Design Newcastle

It’s that time again. That time when feedback shows that your company’s website is either looking dated or its content isn’t in keeping with your current business model? As more and more businesses develop an online presence, so it becomes increasingly important that your company’s website is a real business driver.

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helping you to break through the noise

By Belinda White | Jun 25, 2016
web design Newcastle

When it comes to being able to work on building, growing and marketing your business – rather than working within it – how much time can you spare? And even if you could set aside the time do you know where to start?

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The tools your web designer needs for awesome website content creation

By Belinda White | Jun 18, 2016
website designer Newcastle

[Free Download – 10 Point Content Strategy Check List]Websites are multifaceted creations. Your website needs to be created, built, developed using a wide range of tools and assets. Websites are created with code and markup in which you can present your content. Without awesome content they are empty code frames. Having outstanding, well designed content can really make you stand out and grab your visitors attention.

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