Why choose Arttia Creative?

Arttia Creative driving business growth for over 100 businesses

It’s more than a web design company. It’s more than a graphic design or branding agency. It’s the result of over 20 years’ experience at the forefront of web, graphic and print design. And it’s what makes Arttia Creative the ideal home for all your long-term, multi-faceted, collaborative design and marketing campaigns.

At Arttia Creative we understand

That you’re busy working within your business. And that your time is precious. That’s why we won’t simply sit back and wait for your assets. Instead - and to help you to move forward - we’ll help you to create what you need to start. Be that an art directed photo shoot for a new brochure - or the introduction of a copywriter to craft the content for your new website or printed literature.

Choose Arttia Creative for your business growth

When you need to do additional marketing for your business, either with seasonal promotions or long-term campaigns, you can save time, money and effort on external tenders and recommissions by talking to us. We’ll respond to your brief and apply our design, print and online experience to develop all the materials you need - creating the added time you need to plan ahead for the outcomes of your efforts.

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One contact, one brief - saving you time and money

Arttia Creative can provide marketing support for your business on multiple levels. Our expertise in graphic design, branding, website builds and design, information architecture and search engine optimisation means that we can support all of your business’ campaigns – and your long-term growth.

And with one point of contact at all times, there’s no middleman, no agency handler and no risk of your sales message or your instructions being lost in translation. We’ll build a strong, effective and lasting relationship with you, and together we’ll build your business.

Arttia Creative delivers outstanding projects via the latest 'agile team' business model. We are a collective of highly skilled professionals with many years of experience in each discipline. This ensures we always have the exact skills you need to deliver the very best project, every time.


the Arttia collective

Your creative team

  • Belinda White
    Arttia Creative
    Founder | Website Consultant - Belinda White

    Belinda White, Website Consultant and Digital Strategist with over 25 years’ experience of developing and creating successful brand, print and digital campaigns for her clients. Belinda has knowledge of upcoming industry trends, best practices and a talent for interpreting her client’s businesses, both on and off line. Past creative industry experience includes working on creative projects for Marks and Spencer, Nike, WH Smiths, Master Foods and BP to name a few. Belinda works with a team of friendly and trusted professional associates to collectively deliver outstanding projects. Expert in crafting all aspects of print design, branding development, front-end web development, user experience design, search engine optimisation, email marketing campaigns and 10x content creation.

    “Belinda took the time to get to know me and my business to deliver a fantastic logo, brand assets and responsive website that really have set me apart from other photography businesses. Compliments are flying in and it has helped me look professional to the market place.” Paula Ansley, Paula Rosa Photography

  • Katherine Wildman
    Haydn Grey
    Associate | Copywriter - Katherine Wildman

    Katherine is a creative and Search Engine Optimisation focused copywriter. She’ll write ‘words that sell’ for your website, words that engage and persuade and convert your customers. And she can provide monthly blog updates that are optimised for search engines. Blog posts that will engage your audience, boost your online reach and grow your business.

    Website: Haydn Grey

    “I just wanted to thank you for your help on the guide you worked on with us. It has delivered over 25,000 new visitors to the blog and the associated infographic has been featured on the biggest photography websites on the web, as well as huge sites like Fast Company, 9gag and the Sydney Morning Herald. So overall, a definite success!” Lara Moore, KatchUp

  • Joanne Dolezal
    Dolezal consulting
    Associate | Marketing Strategy - Joanne Dolezal

    Joanne is a marketing strategist. A calm voice of expertise in a field where there are so many possible starting points that you can risk being paralysed by choice. Not sure where to begin your marketing efforts? Or how to take the first step? Afraid of getting it wrong and wasting your valuable time and money?

    Joanne will work with you to create a step-by-step actionable marketing plan. She’ll talk to you about what you want to achieve. And start, as she says, “with the end in mind.”

    Website: Dolezal Consulting

    “I now feel confident in pushing my work forward and have a clear plan for the next year and half. I felt Joanne wanted my business to succeed as much as I did.” John Faulkner, Owner John Faulkner Photography.

  • Nick Pears
    Associate | Software Engineer - Nick Pears

    Nick is our trusted software specialist, working in computing since 1982, the year the IBM PC was launched. His experience is in developing computer systems in the financial sector. Increasingly focussed on web systems both internet and internet.

    A valued associate of Arttia Creative, creating and developing custom content management systems, bespoke e-commerce and stock control systems.

    LinkedIn: Nick Pears

  • voice over artist
    Voice Overs
    Associate | Voice Over - Jo Whitfield

    Jo is our professional voice over artist providing voice for national and regional TV and radio. Expert in the recording of explainer videos for your content marketing, together with e-learning and training videos. Stunning intro's  and calls-to-action in your Podcasts.

    Website: Jo Whitfield Voice Overs

  • web and software developers
    Associate | Programmer - Richard Telford

    Richard is our go-to website developer. Developing content-managed websites, e-commerce solutions, WordPress theme development, WordPress plugin development, HTML5/CSS3, CodeIgniter, PHP/MySQL, jQuery, Javascript, Ajax, front and back-end development.

    Website: Moon Digital

  • web and software developers
    Front-End Developer
    Associate | Front End Developer - Melaine Ashby

    Melanie is our trusted front-end web developer. She started out as a trained journalist and writer. Working as an editor at a North-East magazine, she was drawn towards the visual and technical aspects of the job and gained a mountain of expertise as in-house web developer. Mel’s editorial background keeps her plugged in to how content, design and UX marry up to create compelling experiences; on the web development side she enjoys devising systems to suit all sorts of needs – from events and e-commerce to podcasts and membership sites.

    Website: Lemony Design

  • web and software developers
    Agile Agency/remote working
    Effective Teams

    The need for fast agile project development is critical to delivering your project on time and to budget. The effectiveness of remote working teams has been proven for some time and we have found it delivers the best results for our clients.

    We specialise in an agile agency model working across the UK with our hand picked experts, liaising via tools such as Teamwork, Skype, Google Hangouts, Google Drive and Dropbox to help us closely collaborate with both our teams and our clients.

  • Photographers

    We work with a selection of trusted, professional photographers to produce the high standard of images we require. From commercial and industrial photographic specialists to portrait photographers, we deliver the original images your business needs - and that Google loves - to create a powerful and lasting positive impression, both off and online. Read our blog post all about having the right imagery for your website or promotional project.

"Belinda [Arttia Creative] has a great approach to projects bringing structure, creativity and a high level of customer service. We were so impressed with the first piece of work that we immediately asked if she could take on a second project. This is now complete - on brand, on budget and on time. I can fully recommend Belinda and Arttia Creative."

A Menzies / Traidcraft
CAll:  0191 500 7118  |  EMAIL:  design@arttia.co.uk